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George Harrison's Posche 928 BEATLES: GEORGE HARRISON'S PORSCHE 928 TO BE AUCTIONED: Ex-Beatle George Harrison’s rare black Porsche 928 is expected to fetch £20,000 when it goes up for auction later this year. It was bought by Harrison when he lived in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, and he drove it for more than three years. The Porsche is rare in that it is a ‘base’ black colour with black stitching on its leather interior instead of the usual black/red or black/cream combination. The car is being sold by Raj Sedha, from Leeds, who bought the car in 2003 – but did not realise the significance of its former owner. Mr Sedha said he bought the car for spare parts until his wife looked at the paperwork and saw the George Harrison’s name on the log book. Mr Sedha added: “It didn’t click with me. She said it is George Harrison’s. “I said, ‘That’s who the man who I bought it off said. Who is he?’ “She said, ‘He’s the Beatle. You can’t take the car apart for spares’.” Now fully restored and working the car is expected to fetch upwards of £20,000 at auction on March 17. Auctioneer Paul Fairweather, of Stockport, Greater Manchester, said: “For anybody that’s into cars and The Beatles, this is a must-have. “The 928 is an absolute classic and the fact that it was owned by George for four years from new will ensure that it roars off the auction block.” Harrison, who died in 2001, bought the car in 1980. read more
Beatles 1964 BEATLES FILM EXPECTED TO SELL FOR OVER £10,000 AT AUCTION: Previously unseen footage of The Beatles playing in Montreal during their first tour of North American found lying in a drawer after 52 years. The colour cine footage from their Montreal performance on 8th September 1964, was filmed by the father of one the “The Four Frenchmen”, who were one of the opening acts for the show and is the only known recoding from the gig. The ten minute long recording shows the heavy police presence, which had been enhanced due to reported death threats received by Ringo Starr, back stage scenes of the fab four, footage of the supporting acts, the Beatles performance and subsequent press conference. The 8mm tape was discovered by the camera man’s grandson, Ron Notarangelo, after his grandfather recently passed away and is expected to sell for over £10,000 when it comes up for sale (with full copyright) as part of Omega Auctions annual Beatles Auction next month. According to auctioneer, Paul Fairweather “this is an incredible find of great historical importance as there is no known footage from this performance, together with the fact that it is so clear and in colour, which is rare for the early 60s.”read more
Beatles 1964 BEATLES: RARE INTERVIEW RECORDING EXPECTED TO SELL FOR OVER £5,000 AT AUCTION: A soldier, Bob Packham from the King's Regiment in Berlin, travelled all the way to Paris with a petitiion to give to the Beatles for them to visit and play for the regiment. Whilst in Paris, the Beatles and the soldier, were interviewed by Alistair Macdougal for the British Forces Radio Network in Berlin. Whilst the interview would have been aired on the BF Radio at the time, no copies of the interview were kept except for Alistair's own copy which is now up for sale. A 17 minute long interview with the more
Rare Record Auction RARE VINYL RECORD EXPECTED TO SELL FOR £10,000 AT AUCTION: A record collector who picked up an old LP for £1 in a junk shop actually got a much better bargain than he realised when he had the item valued. The anonymous man purchased the record - by 1960s British band Complex - in a junk shop in the north west of England. He was drawn to it after seeming to recollect the image on the cover, but it wasn't until he got home and did some research that he realised its potential value. Now it's expected to sell for around £10,000 at Omega Auctions , based across Warrington and Stockport, when it goes on sale on Saturday. That's a 999,900% profit - certainly not to be sniffed at. read more
Beatles Record BBC: HOLY GRAIL BEATLES RECORD SELLS FOR £77,500 AT AUCTION: An extremely rare Beatles record found languishing in a loft has sold for £77,500 at auction. The 10-inch acetate of Till There Was You and Hello Little Girl from 1962 has been described as "a Holy Grail item". It was the first Beatles disc to be cut before the band broke into the national charts and bears the writing of their manager Brian Epstein. The disc lay forgotten in the home of Les Maguire - the keyboardist in fellow Liverpool act, Gerry and the Pacemakers. read more
Russell Beatle HONOURARY BEATLE'S COLLECTION EXPECTED TO SELL FOR THOUSANDS AT AUCTION: A fan affectionately known as the first 'Honorary Beatle' when he ran away from a home to join the Fab Four is selling his mementos 50 years on. Russell Jamieson, 56, was just four when he went to his first Beatles gig in 1963 with his older brother Dave, 68. The jovial child was spotted by the band as he danced in the aisle and was invited backstage. After hanging out with the group he became such a Beatle-maniac he ran away from home to try and join the group. He was found wandering the streets of Liverpool and told police officers who picked him up that his name was 'Russell Beatle'. read more
John Lennon UNPUBLISHED PHOTGRAPHS OF JOHN LENNON EXPECTED TO SELL FOR £30,000 AT AUCTION: A set of previously unseen photographs of John Lennon smiling and playing up to the camera on the set of a film he starred in 50 years ago are expected to sell for £30,000 when they go up for auction. The set of 200 candid images - 190 of which have never been published - show the usually intense Beatle having fun on the set of the 1967 black comedy movie 'How I Won the War'. Although the World War Two film was not well-received by critics, the then 26-year-old seemed to have made the most of his time in Almeria, Northern Spain. In some of the pictures a windswept Lennon can be seen wearing his trademark round glasses as he stands at wicket keeper during an impromptu game of cricket during a break in filming. read more
John Lennon RARE BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS OF JOHN LENNON DRESSED UP AS A WOMAN GO UNDER THE HAMMER: A remarkable set of family photos that show John Lennon larking around and dressing as a woman in 19th century costume have emerged for sale. The five original black and white pictures offer a rare insight into the personal life of the Beatles legend and show Lennon, his wife Yoko Ono and their baby son Sean having fun in costume while on holiday in America. They were taken in a vintage clothing photography studio in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, in 1977 - three years before the music icon was shot dead outside his New York apartment - and also feature Sean's nanny and a friend. read more
John Lennon JOHN LENNON'S ICONIC GLASSES AND DIVORCE PAPERS DETAILINING THE END OF HIS MARRIAGE TO FORST WIFE CYNTHIA TO FETCH £20,000 AT AUCTION: John Lennon's iconic round glasses are expected to fetch up to £20,000 at auction alongside revealing divorce papers which detail the singer's acrimonious split from his first wife Cynthia. The explosive divorce documents, based on claims made by Lennon's housekeeper, describe the increasingly strained relations inside the family's Surrey mansion, as the singer's drug habit and affair with Yoko Ono took its toll on the marriage. The glasses, said to be Lennon's favourite pair, are going under the hammer after being loaned to the housekeeper by the singer so that her brother could wear them to a fancy dress party. read more
Elvis Presley Ring ELVIS PRESLEY RING SELLS AT AUCTION FOR £24,200: A ring previously owned by Elvis Presley has been sold for £24,200 to a buyer from America during an auction in Great Sankey. According to Omega Auctions, the 14ct gold and diamond Russian Tsar claw crest ring was one of Elvis’ most prized possessions. He can be seen wearing it in more than one hundred concerts. The ring originally belonged to Elvis' father, Vernon Presley, who passed it down to his son. Some two weeks before Elvis was due to perform in Mobile Alabama on August 29, 1976, Tommy Milham was first in line to buy tickets at the Municipal Auditorium. read more
Unpublished Beatles Images Auction NEVER BEFORE SEEN IMAGES OF THE BEATLES IN 1968 EXPECTED TO SELL AT AUCTION FOR £10,000: They are extraordinary pictures of the Beatles in their heyday, images never published before. And, it is claimed, these photographs reveal for the first time a bombshell moment in the band’s history that has left Beatles experts baffled. It is 1968 and John Lennon coolly stares into the camera. Alongside him, George Harrison has in his shirt pocket a resignation letter from Paul McCartney – apparently written a full two years before he would eventually quit. That is the claim of Michael Herring, who took the pictures as a 19-year-old art student during a magical day other Beatles fans could only dream about. read more
Beatles Unpublished Photos Auction UNPUBLISHED BEATLES PHOTOS SELL FOR £5,200 AT AUCTION: Unpublished photographs of The Beatles performing at the ABC Cinema in Ardwick captured the Fab Four in their breakthrough year - 1963. They were taken on November 20th that year by Salford photographer, Derek Preston. Twenty four photographs of the boys on stage and six of screaming fans were sold with copyright for £5,200 - the estimated price had been £5,000 to £7,000. They capture the band performing and play acting - as was their way - taking the mickey out of each other and show presenters. Derek, who died five years ago, was good friends with Harry Goodwin, when he was the resident Top of the Pops photographer when it was recorded in Manchester. read more
BeatlesAuction BBC: BEATLES HELP JACKETS SELL FOR £115,000 AT AUCTION: Jackets worn by George Harrison and Ringo Starr in The Beatles' 1965 film Help! have fetched £115,000 at auction. Starr's cape fetched £61,000, while Harrison's sold for £54,000, including buyer's premium. Both beat separate pre-sale valuations of £20,000-30,000. Meanwhile, a piano used by Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon was bought by a South American collector for £57,500. The 1907 Bechstein grand piano was used to compose the tracks Help! and Yesterday, according to Omega Auctions. The piano and jackets were sold by Richard Lester, now 82, who directed Help! and The Beatles' first film A Hard Day's Night. The auction took place at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. read more
Shea Stadium Beatles Photo Auction BBC: RARE BEATLES SHEA STADIUM PHOTOS FETCH £30,000 AT AUCTION: Pictures of The Beatles' 1965 Shea Stadium concert, taken by an amateur photographer who bluffed his way backstage, have sold for £30,000. Marc Weinstein used a fake press pass to get next to the stage for the historic New York show. The only other photographer present ran out of film during the gig. Weinstein's 61 black and white images with copyright fetched £30,680, compared with a pre-sale estimate of £15,000-£20,000, Omega Auctions said. Shea Stadium was The Beatles' biggest concert - and the biggest ever pop concert by any group up to that date. It came at the height of Beatlemania and the band's music was famously drowned out by the screams of the 55,000-strong crowd. read more
Rare Beatles Photo Auction GUARDIAN: RARE BEATLES PHOTOS SELL FOR £30,000 AT AUCTION: Early colour photographs of the Beatles on tour have been sold for almost £30,000, nearly twice their estimated price. Friday's auction in Stockport, Cheshire, also included dozens of snaps from an amateur photographer who sneaked into the Fab Four's famous 1965 gig at New York's Shea Stadium, which also went for around £30,000. read more
John Lennon Printing Plates TELEGRAPH: PRINTING PLATES FOR JOHN LENNON'S FIRST BOOK SELL AT AUCTION: The original printing plates for John Lennon's first book have sold at auction for £4,800. The metal plates were used to print words and illustrations by the Beatle in the 1964 book John Lennon, In His Own Write, the first solo project by any of The Beatles... read more
John Lennon Tooth Independent: Money can't buy you love... but £20k buys a Beatle's tooth: As Lennon's molar is sold at auction, Paul Bignell traces other body parts to go under the hammer. At first glance, the gnarled, yellowing molar looks unremarkable, if rather repulsive. Yet the rotten tooth was once pulled from the mouth of one of last century's most famous people, and yesterday it sold for almost £20,000... read more
John Lennon Tooth BBC: JOHN LENNON'S TOOTH EXPECTED TO MAKE £10,000 AT AUCTION: One of John Lennon's teeth is expected to make £10,000 when it is auctioned next month. The tooth was given to the former Beatles' house keeper Dot Jarlett when she worked for him at Kenwood mansion in Surrey in the late 1960s. He told her to give it her daughter "as a souvenir" after he had pulled it out in the kitchen of the Weybridge property. The tooth will be auctioned in Stockport on 5 November. Dot's son Barry Jarlett said: "He was in the kitchen and he had this tooth which he had wrapped in a piece of paper. "He said: 'Dot will you dispose of this' and then he said: 'Or, as your daughter's a Beatles fan, you can give to her as a souvenir"... read more
Alan McGee NME: ALAN MCGEE DEFENDS OASIS MEMORABILIA AUCTION: Alan McGee has explained why he is selling off a collection of music memorabilia which includes a host of Oasis items. The former Creation Records boss said he is selling off goods he collected since 1983 when he set up his former label, because he "can't be arsed with music anymore". He explained: As I have said many times before – I can't be arsed with music anymore. I moved to Wales to get away from it, why would I want it in my basement? As for my financial situation – on last count I have five big houses so I think I'll be ok in my old age. McGee also confirmed that the Omega Rock And Roll auction would be the first of many to come... read more
Depeche Mode EVERYTHING COUNTS: DEPECHE MODE MEMORABILIA AUCTION IN HULME TO RAISE £200k: A rare collection of 1980s pop music memorabilia is being auctioned off in Manchester. Vintage equipment, vinyl and even clothing relating to cult electro band Depeche Mode will go under the hammer in Hulme. The vast collection, more than 400 lots, belongs to the band’s former keyboard player Alan Wilder. The entire memorabilia could fetch up to £200,000. Fans from as far a field as US, Australia and across Europe have expressed an interest in bidding, according to Sale-based Omega Auctions... read more
Hard Days Night WITH LOVE FROM PAUL AND LINDA: McCartney gifts and correspondence to Wings co-founder Denny Laine to be sold in pop and rock memorabilia auction... read more
Hard Days Night SIGNED BEATLES LP EXPECTED TO FLY HIGH: Proof copy is one of four given to air stewardesses on flight home to Liverpool. It was a momentous homecoming. Four days after the world premiere of A Hard Day’s Night in London, The Beatles flew in to Liverpool’s Speke Airport for the northern premiere to be greeted by 3,000 screaming fans... read more
Oasis Disc Article Noel Gallagher's charity single: Oasis star gives away disc to help special school: Former Oasis star Noel Gallagher has donated a signed platinum disc to raise money for a special school. Guitarist Noel handed over the disc, which he received for sales of hit single Roll With It, to be auctioned for a charity which supports Lancasterian School in West Didsbury... read more
Oasis Collection Article Oasis 'superfan' to sell rare memorabillia to buy a new house: A music fan is auctioning off his entire collection of valuable Oasis memorabilia – to buy a new house. The treasure trove includes signed copies of the band’s first two albums, Definitely Maybe and (What's The Story) Morning Glory?, and every Oasis single in every format, including rare promotion copies. Other highlights include autographs, limited edition artwork, tour posters, advertising material and programmes. Sale-based auction house, Omega Auctions, has described the haul as one of the largest and most comprehensive Oasis collections ever to come on the market and is expected fetch more than £10,000... read more